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aster Jan 31

I fall,
I knew eventually
I would fall.
But I didn’t want to,
at least not now.
I may say
I don’t ‘give a f about
what society thinks about me.’

But deep down,
I seek for attention.
I want validation.
I want respect.
I want to be accepted and loved,
And looked upon.

But this is tough.
I don’t know how long,
I can do this.
Sadly, we are taught this is the only

Because success is never defined by you.
The society defines your success.
You are a ****.
The game, your moves, the result,
Is set by them.


I’m in a state of dilemma
One preaches,
‘These minuscule bits of time
Which are smaller than a molecule in
The entire expanse of this ever-expanding universe.
Can’t determine your entire future.
Nor can the society.
Your success, your happiness
Is defined by you, not them.’

The other reminds me,
that your success is defined
by the society you live in.
And to them this is the ‘only way’ to success.
And defying them
Is losing your
And you can’t afford that.


However, hypocritical I might sound,
I’m forced to choose the second.
But every passing second
I live with the guilt of never
Choosing the other road.
Cause the road not taken,
was perhaps the road I was to take.


Focus, time is slipping away.
So, I stop contemplating
and work mechanically.
Finally, it is over.
A sigh of relief.

But unfortunately, this is not the end.
Once you let yourself in to this system.
Then you are lost to it.
You are consumed by it
you are enslaved.


Take rest for now.
Because you are trapped,
They have fabricated your journey to ‘happiness’,
And you can’t turn back.


Eyes shut.

Pen drops.

what starts will eventually end.
Jivan ke rangraliyon men kho jayenge,
Aankhon se ojhal sare hojayenge,
Ye apne, ye mausam, ye rut pyare,
Hoke juda ye phir kabhi na aayenge
Phir na aayenge, ye phir na aayenge,
Aankhon men, rut ki huliya rah jayengi,
Ye jayengi, suni galiyan rah jayengi,
Phir Isme basengi yadon ki ve saughaten,
Jo jati huvi lamhen de jayengi,
Chhaye hain jo rang, ye phir na
Phir na aayenge, ye phir na aayenge,
Tujhko niharon, ya dekhun teri surat,
Aankhon men guzre pal ki parchhaie hai,
In viranen rahon men, fizaon men,
Sang hain yaden, phir bhi ik tanhaie hai,
Guzre pal dil ko dukhayenge,
Phir na aayenge, ve phir na aayenge,
Basti rahe, har bar khyalon ki Duniya,
Chalti-chale har bar ummeedon ki duniya,
Mit-te huve sanshar ke sang mit jayenge,
Phir na aayenge ye phir na aayenge,
Urdu poem in Roman fonts

— The End —