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solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
"We Should Not Despair" Lightning Strikes!
come what may idiom optimism,
practice what you preach.
practice makes perfect.
no body is perfect.
Why Practice?
"Do not
merely listen to
the word, and so
deceive yourselves.
Do what it says."(James 1:22)
"Imperfection is beauty" it's better to be*
absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring
be aware to play with yourself...alone!
that was my life lesson
and would be my new year's resolution
this boomerang of mine hopefully catch by someone.

i will miss  you all
happy new year fellas!
A half quart 2015 one night advance year-ender to recall
cause tomorrow's new years' eve
gotta be busy for me


Jean Rojas Dec 2015
'Tis the morning
to surpass all mornings...
The faint light of dawn
bathe its whispers on your face,
The beats of your heart
are controlled and deliberate
'Tis a recalcitrant heart
that has a mind of its own...

As you walk the path
that leads to the slow dance
that is your death,
your feet are firm
your eyes, alert
'Tis as if, it is not death
that you come to greet
But the passionate embrace
of someone, so long ago ,
you have loved....

Farewell, you say-
farewell to this world,
this nation and this people...
that cost you both
pleasure and pain

-But no regrets-

This morning, you die
willingly and with
poetry on your lips
"It is done", you say...
'Tis time to rest
Dear hero of mine
Tomorrow, you wake again,
looking towards the blue of the skies
challenging the blazing sunlight
if it can,
to eclipse the very essence of you....

It is still your name that we speak
with reverend sighs
your name that is forever etched
in the soul of our race...
For: Jose P. Rizal
Jean Rojas Jun 2015
ascending and descending
through fame, fortune and death...
such is your dignity

you fill my heart
with so much nostalgia
that sometimes I think
we have met before, in time...
through ripples in time....

the moment I knew of you.,.
I have loved you...
It's as if I knew you
long before I truly existed

and in this very special occasion
of your solemn birth...
one hundred fifty four years ago...

I wish to thank you....
for gracing us with your presence
for teaching us of life and love...
for making us proud as a nation
despite our failures, faults and

you gave us your name...
your intelligence and your love
in the purest form and sense

so now I say to you...
happy may this day be
for us all
as Filipinos, we must never forget
for it is a sin not to remember
a beautiful man such as yourself
that gave rise. meaning and relevance
to the word "Filipino"

I chant your name like a mantra
Rizal- my hero, my icon, my poet
and the love of my life....
For: Jose P.Rizal ( National Hero of the Filipino Nation)
19 June, 2015
Jose Remillan Jun 2015
Nasumpungan kitang nakabilad
Sa liwanag ng araw, isang imaheng
Nakalantad, huwad na anyo ng
Ritwal ng pagpupugay. Sa iyong

Anino'y nakasilong ang mga lantay
Na tayutay ng hungkag na lipunan.
Nariyan ang puta, pulubi, butas na lata,
Gago't ganid na pulitiko, librong limot,

Bendor ng droga, banal na aso...
Lahat sila ay mga ”sila" na minsan ****
Pinagtangkaang silaba't silain sa sulo ng
Mapagpalayang kamalayan.


Nasumpungan kitang nakabilad sa
Nakakabagabag na liwanag. Isang buhay
Na moog ng kalayaa't kasarinlan,
Kanlungan ng mga supremo ng rebolusyon

Ng paglikha't pagsilang sa kakanyahang
Iginapos sa lumang mundong lalang ng
Iyong panahon. Kami na mga gamo-gamo
Ng lumang simoy ay patuloy na isisiwalat

Yaong hindi masumpungan sa lambong
Ng liwanag na pinaningas ng iyong dugo.

Nawa'y matagpuan ka nila.

— The End —