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emme m Jun 2017
our souls will conquer
the fear
‘cause love is stronger
than tears
and i know you’ll
be here
‘cause i am no fool
my dear*

inspired by a norwegian show called SKAM. watch it if you haven't. so inspiring and so important.
Alexia Côté Jul 2014
Alice has
Been broken up with
Constantly on the first
Date because the
Elligible bachelors make her
Fail to
Give a good first impression
Heaven knows
In time she’ll learn how to

Jonas wants to live a
Keynote moment with a special
Lady even if she’s
Mad because to him
Nothing is working
Out the way it should
Presently the universe is producing
Quietly Alice and Jonas’

Sunday morning
They met
Under the pouring rain sourrounded by animals
Were soon exchanged
Xanax was needed to calm down Alice that day
You should know that today they are taking their kid to a
Zoo where they first met
I was challenged to write a poem where every line was a new letter of the alphabet, from A to Z. This was the result.

— The End —