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undermyfeet Aug 24
When I was a girl in the city
I thought the world had a limit

Bikes and cars and planes
and astronauts, maybe

But I never really thought to
look for the stars
Valentin Oct 2019
I have seen a lot of sunsets
From different cities and
Countries in the world but
None of them can compare with
The one I have watched with you because
You made it unique to my eyes and so far
The most beautiful one
Fish The Pig Jun 2015
Jade sauna
just over body temperature
to increase metabolism
smooth blood flow
and sweat out toxins
my hair is up
there are no lines on my pale smooth face
I'm happy and peaceful
I look so serene
and so skinny
"'scuse me you speak Russian?"
it's one of the cute foreigners
I've had my eye on
flirtations ensued
and it was nice
to be looked at
with fascination
with cute wonder
getting complimented
through broken english
as he ran his hands through his hair
smiling abashedly
trying to make sense of my words
as I did the same for his--
we were up all night talking
"no halloween in Russia,
but if had, you be Queen"
he knew nothing of me
just this peaceful calm side
that smiled and giggled
and carried a conversation
like a feather on the wind
he saw a girl he could smile at
and say
"you are very beautiful"
"you have lovely smile"
I'll never see him again in my life
but what a wonderful memory to have of someone
nothing but kind words
and laughter
and peace
a few of the things
I treasure most,
what a lovely memory
of Annex the smiling Russian boy
who drank tea with me
at the Jeju Spa
until the sun rose
and the lights came back on.
people should leave more memories of each other like this.
I have not an ill thought to think of him.
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
The Juju-do endures like a dreamy beer,
Never hate a Jespi,
Seas endure like big beaches Loveland,
Love is a cool breeze.

Never pull a haenyo divers  fishing net,
The small girls roughly commands the sea,
The haenyo divers  Mermaids endures like a warm ship,
Desolation, life, and endurance!

Clouds wave!
Why does the highest mountain hide?
Where are the lively grandfather stones?

Adventure, faith, and love,
Unreal, sunny and chocolate candy too.

All mainlands fight rough, misty winds,
Dreamy shore roughly loves the sun.

Adventure, courage, and life!

Jeju Pony 'Hidden Treasure.”

Sails fall like lively Olle walking trails.
Travel roughly like an island reef,
The sunny ship calmly views the trails.
Sunrise from a volcanic crater.

Sunny fields of barley.

The sun waves goodnight, like a sunny gull,
Sun falls!

Courage, dreams and faith,
Oh! The wonders I have seen!

© 2013 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
JEJU ISLAND of South Korea

— The End —