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Bobby Dodds Apr 4
is 20/20."
As the tag-a-longs
And dingbats like to recite.
Well that's dumb- 20/20 is average!!
This is outrageous -even our idioms our idiotic-
So I propose a new saying,
And yes, who is the 17 year old white boy
To say anything about anything.
But hear me out,
How about instead, we say,
"Hindsight, the unluckiest symptom of consciousness,
and a hell in its own right"
Okay yeah, well, maybe it IS a bit wordy,
And yeah, okay, maybe it IS a TAD too cynical.
But since when has a teenager been anything BUT
A self-proclaimed cynic.

With stars too far to telephone,
And when telegraphs aren't a thing anymore.
We gotta make our own futures,
But when we're riding along through our
Generation of hate,
Or lovely liberalism.
Try not to check the rearview mirror
"Riding along in my funky car, Mohair suits and Jazz guitars, what's a little sugar honey?! if not to take me far
now won't you pass the mars bar? *overly epic jazz guitar and doo woppy bass licks*

I'm in a jazzy mood tonight, I need to relearn some of my jazz piano songs that I learned for band years ago,,, I may never be able to play a concerto, or any of my favorite Tartini songs, but at least I can "play that funky music white booooyyy"
Vadim Slivinski Jan 2020
I’ve been sitting at a local fast-food joint
Waiting for my friend, who was outside
Having a chat with some girl he loved once;
He didn’t anymore and just wanted to set things straight.

I ordered myself a medium strawberry shake
And just sat there listening to Bill Evans
As the most peculiar thing caught my sight:
All around me were men in their 30’s and 40's,
Drinking draft beer and staring sadly
Either at their phones or simply at the table.
They all shared a common tired and dumb look;
Hell, I thought, how low do you have to be
To drink horrible overpriced beer at a fast-food joint
Alone, at 7 pm?

At the next table, two young girls
Were having a dinner; so smily, happy
And full of life I sat there overwhelmed.
Why not just go there and talk to them?
But those sullen faces kept staring,
Rigid and unemotional, except for an occasional sigh,
Immediately followed by a gulp.
I glanced at the same table again —
Those girls were gone and another
Asian woman was siping her coke…

Some hum broke through the Shadow of Your Smile.
I looked around: different men, same posture;
Same look, same sadness,
Same disgusting smell,
Same lonely warm beer.

I picked up my coat and my hat,
Tied my checkered scarf around the neck
And went outside,
This is not a poem
Originally posted on Medium in Poets Unlimited
Jenna Apr 2019
Music is music
One can not help their feet
as they move accordingly
One genre is not meant
for a single person alone

Music does not judge
it encourages many
no matter of their race or gender
define yourself in those lyrics
and don't let pop culture get in the way
I'm not trying to be unauthentic, im just trying to
rhymes with meaning are sweet like cherries, chocolate, whipping, and ******* gurl!
I love when I make u smile, the wordless cool goes with the flow
good vibrations and time is patient, it's cool so just go with the flow
I'm loving mother nature, and i just sipped fine berry wine
don't **** my vibe and let me rhyme, time after time be mystified
Let me guide u on this journey, let us not rush
Because, u and I we're in no hurry
and what we got is time, time, time

— The End —