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Elise Jackson Sep 2017
crime, staring competitions, tears.

these small things that lead us further
into the fog, closer to the moths,
attached at the hip, nothing new.
nothing blue, always red.

your guitar rips through the
navy skyline, alerting the stars of war,
violet mornings creeping over the
trees as sleep envelops your eyes.
i've dreamed of something like
this, but i got more than i asked for.

i'd never go back.
i'd never go back to that place where you
don't exist, the dark, the damp, the treacherous.
becoming a threat, was the purple leaves and blinding snow.

but the next morning was lined with amnesia, we both forgave;

but we'll never forget.
Tintin Jul 2017
She talks
and asks
I cannot speak

She drags me everywhere
and has a grand time
while I am forced
to live in a mechanical body
she crafted to me

Radio waves
are my only means
and one sentence repeats
in my limited vocal ability

I pray for Elysium
and the soft grace and rest
still she drags me
I'm nothing but a doll

spirits take me
from this prison
why must I be forced
to live a life already full
Ayin Medina Sep 2016
his name sounds like
a ghost that never scares me
but just like the character
i'm never afraid when he comes
and it is ironic
that the only thing that frightens me
about him
is when he's not around
Jude Apr 2015
In The Light, I am engulfed.
Eyes wide open yet I see nothing but white.
Feel nothing but an impenetrable heat.
As if my eyes were closed and the sun
were blazing right before me in all His glory.

I am lifted into an infinite beam
by a powerful gust.
Soaring higher and higher.
My body slowly begins to dematerialize
into grains of sand.

The wind, She spreads me all about.
Each grain a gem waiting to be discovered.

— The End —