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Anne Marie May 2020
It was as if a normal day,
Until you decided to come this way
Invited me with open arms,
“Never will we be apart.” You said.
It was as if I wasn’t nervous,
Held your hand, locked it on purpose
—We started this hillclimb.
It was as if we were Jack and Jill,
Just that we weren’t rolling down this hill,
The darkness was overwhelming
And the silence deafening
But I knew everything was fine
Because you are with me,
Because our hands our locked tight.
But when the angry storm came through,
Your fear overpowered you.
You left me alone on this journey,
You made your way out.
That’s when I knew,
The person you started the journey with
doesn’t always end up with you.
One of my first poems.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Jack and Jill: Enter the Matrix

Jack and Jill, took the blue pill.
The truth they cared not for, the truth they ignored.
Their minds couldn't handle, what their brains didn't believe.
The truth stood in front of them, but they knew nothing is free.

They thought if they learned,
What wasn't meant to be known.
They would become slaves and never see home.

Stood on top of a hill, Jack turned to Jill.

Did we make the right choice?
Should we have had our eyes opened?
Just think of all the things, that we could have learned.
But what was the cost, a life time of slavery?
In life nothing’s given; foolishness is bravery.

Think of all of those heroes, you read about at school.
They died for a cause, surely that makes them fools.
Sure they found their fame, but only in their deaths;
I'd rather be unknown, than take my last breath.

But forever more we must know something is missing.
Our lives are a lie, our entire existence.
Scared of learning, or scared of the consequences?
Regrets all we have now, the truth could have been splendid!

Our chance has now passed, through fear of being slaves,
But we're trapped in this matrix, a slave to the wage.
Money and possessions, that’s all that we crave.
The heroes may be foolish, but at least they were brave,
Enough to at least try; I think we’re the slaves.

A glimmer of hope, shines right there in front of us
And we turn our backs, through fear and mistrust.
We could have been Gods!  Better than our fellow man.
Now were just numbers, working for 'Uncle Sam'.

We could have flown, like birds in the sky,
Slowed down time, dodge bullets and not die.
We could have lived forever!  We could have been just like Neo!
Now we’re just worms, to be eaten by the eagles.

I hate you Jack! You made me choose wrong.
I hate you Jill! I ignored it for a home
And a life with my wife.

We climb each day for a bucket of water;
We can hardly even feed our baby daughter.
Jenny's her name, her brother Joe's on the way.
What would they choose?  Would they choose the same?

But our families ok, they won't know that they’re slaves.
They'll love life at home and they'll visit our graves.
We must teach them, nothing of what we know,
For they would grow to hate us and then they would go.

Our house is just fine, with the orchards of wine.
A family business for a hundred years,
Their lives will be the same.
Never wanting for anything, they will have all they want;
But they can never leave, for this is our spot,
Where my mother gave birth, like her mother before;
As will Jenny, as did I and as will many more.

For life is a circle, what goes around comes around.
Repeating history, is what we have found,
To work for generations, our family has survived.
We’re born here.
We live here.
And it's here that we die.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Cindy Long Jul 2017
Jack and jill
Went up the hill
Looking for a thrill.
Jack got high
And got jill to try
Then jack unzipped his fly.
Jill bit her lip
Placed her hand on his hip
And licked around the tip.
Jill got top
And fell with a plop
And the pleasure did not stop.
Jack groaned loud
Jill was proud
Their heads still in the clouds.
But as they came down
Jill started to frown
And jack headed back towards town.
Jill sat still
Alone on the hill
Wishing for another pill.
Jack didnt care
About what happened there
Jills life began to tear.
Jill cried alone
Jack on his throne
Still not answering his phone.
Jill went to the hill
Hoping for jack still
But he didnt even think about jill
Jack brought another to set free
And was shocked to see
Jill standing beside the tree.
Jack wasnt glad
In fact he was mad
That jill was still so sad.
Said she gave a good ****
But was just a ****
And now shes out of luck.
Jill just stared
As jack glared
His heart flickered and flared.
He didnt know why
So he let out a sigh
And all jill could do was cry.
Jill fell to her knees
And begged jack please
But his words didnt ease.
He shooed her away
So that they could stay
And the other girl he could lay.
Broke jills heart
It fell apart
But a fire in jack did start.
She moved back east.
Jack turned into a beast.
On women he did feast.
But jack never got enough
Noone liked it as rough
As jill; she was tough.
Jack fell down
He hit the ground
When he realized he had given jill his crown.
Jack visited the hill
And felt a little ill
At jills heart he did ****.
Jack hung his head
And wished he was dead
At the thought of someone else in jills bed.
Jack ravaged his brain
He jumped on a train
And headed out towards the plains.
Jill he did find
And she was so kind
How could he be so blinde?
Jack said he was wrong
But jill had moved on
Her heart sang a new song.
Jack died inside
His face couldnt hide
The saddness flowing like a tide.
Jill gave him a pat
And said that was that
Jack went home and sat.
Jack, on his throne.
Messaging every girl in his phone
But knowing he was forever alone.
Jill said all she had to say
And went on with her day
Eager to go home and play
For a king jill did pray
And a king she did lay
And with a king she did stay.
Jill forgot the pain
Learned to love again
And jack was the one going insane.
Many women did jack claim
And many he did tame
But none of them were the same.
Jill had been jacks one
But he was too busy having fun
And now he has to sit and watch the sun.
Jack hates himself still
He rests on the hill
And take a whole bottle of pills.
Jack laid back
Foam he spat
And let everything fade to black.
The lesson is fine
If you take the time
To really understand this rhyme.
Just for fun. Different concept on old rhyme
Gunner May 2017
Jack and Jill went up the hill
Tires, fast, pebbles flying into the night air, unaware of what's to come.
To fetch a pail of Water
Clear liquid, sizzling, burning as it rushes down the throat as if it were going out of style, hot as the poker that burns his insides and sears his thoughts.
Thoughts that buzzed around his brain and stuck like knives in flesh.
One Sip, Two Sip, Red Blood, Blue Veins. Just Pull the trigger.
Jack fell down and broke his crown
Sirens, one am,
And Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got, and home did trot
Blurry faces, a crowd, the cries, the silent sobs, the mourning, the miss you's, the goodbyes.
As fast as he could caper
Classmates. Too young. A loss. A tragedy. The boss up above was not enough to dissuade this young boy. Crossed the boarder, shooting range, gun in back, bottle in hand.
To old Dame Dob, who patched his ***
Wood. Dark wood, Red wood, Light wood, nails, *****, pound the hammer in BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. Fates sealed, game over.
With vinegar and brown paper
Paper. A picture in the year book. A face, a name, another dead body. Crossed the boarder, shooting range, gun in back, bottle in hand. One Sip, Two Sip, Red Blood, Blue Veins, Stabbing thoughts, falling, break his crown, go up the hill, sit under the tree. smash the bottle.
Just pull the trigger. Bang.
SabreLi Dec 2016
I knew a man, a woman too, good hard working souls
You’ve heard the stories, read the myths of how they dug their holes
I promised them I’d tell the world and make them see the truth
That once they were - like you and me - only in their youth

They made a stand and brought their cause
Died upright not on all fours

Jack and Jill were murderers
I’m sure you’ve heard them say
Of how they pillaged and broke the law
But it was the law that did betray

In days gone by Jack worked so hard, just trying to appease
But life was tough and nothing helped and so the law did squeeze
Every penny that he earned was given to the courts
Til one day he realised they do nothing but extort

Jill was a loving lass of this they all agreed
A talented young writer girl and so she was envied
She met him in a bar one night and as the music played
They fell hard and fast and so began their own crusade

Jack and Jill were murderers
I’m sure you’ve heard them say
Of how they pillaged and broke the law
But it was the law that did betray

They sentenced him for petty theft and threw him into cells
Whilst locked away inside if him vengeance came to swell
He said to Jill on his release, “Babe it’s you and me,
But know that lest we make a change we never will be free”.

A robbery in Austin, a death in Shelby Bay
Pin it all on Jack and Jill you hear the lawmen say
Yet all they did was fight against a world on self destruct
And to this day I never met a couple less corrupt

Jack and Jill were murderers
I’m sure you’ve heard them say
Of how they pillaged and broke the law
But it was the law that did betray

And in their hearts they knew from when first blood did spill
That this was it, the trail's end, the death of Jack and Jill

Copyright © 2009-2017 KF and CF
Written by my brother and I when we were in a particularly rebellious mood. Based on a parallel and misunderstood version of Bonnie and Clyde.
Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016
In the front yard
Over toward the left
Beside the climbing tree
Under the branches of the magnolia
Is a garden of dahlias
And a pond of water lilies
Which is great for hiding a body
If the need ever arises

So what happens when Jill
Comes running down the hill
Crying to Mary and her lamb
About how Jack had laid a hand
On her now ever-present frown
Spinning her head round
Jill is bawling because she knows
For breaking Jack's crown she'd face death row?

Into the pond half the body goes
The other half helps to make the plants grow
The girls sit and talk over a cup of tea
When Jill ponders over the meaning of free
Certainly not the sirens blaring out front
This is when Mary stubs out her blunt
Wanted for suspected ****** with fear in her eyes
Poor Miss Jill would have rather died
She begged and she pleaded for some form of mercy
But she was tangled in a web of controversy
Little lamb taken into custody by law
Mary found face down in a bale of straw
Foaming at the mouth
***** plus pills equates to south
Hauled off to jail
And stomach pumped back from hell
The girls become shells of nothingness
Creating only emptiness
I apologize if I destroyed anyone's childhood

— The End —