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It's not pubished yet,
It's still being written.
It'll be published anonymous,
By me.
And it's about you.
And me.
Yup. I know.
It's really messed up.
I've written an entire book about you.
And all the ******* things I feel.
The worst part is,
That you don't even know.
No one knows it's about you,
Or that I'm writing it,
And that maybe It'll be published someday.
But until then,
I'll keep writing my book.
And let the poetry fill the once blank pages,
With you, and all my in-love words.
So I've kinda written a book. A poetry book. It's gonna be called: "All the things I wanted to tell you but never did." And it's exactly what the title is. Maybe I'll post a part of it later. I've written a lot of thoughts, poems and stuff. for every "thing" that I've written, there will be a new page. It's just a collection of "poety," all directed to the same person. The idea is to publish it anonimously, and not get any money for it. I'll put the links to my *anonymous* social meda and stuff. My Hellopoetry, Tumblr etc. It'll be hella emotional and personal. It'll be full of love confessions and depressed things I think daily. Idk how to explain, but hopefully it makes sense. If you have an idea, opinion or anything else, just comment or message me. ily all m=so much <3
Marisa Felix Aug 2014
As she tries to fall asleep with a subdued heart. With tears streaming down her delicate cheeks remembering every harsh word she was ever called. trying to figure out what was wrong with her because nobody else could.
Marisa Felix Aug 2014
When I look at him.
All I feel is pain.
Because I know one day he would leave me just like everyone else did .
And I don't blame them, I'd leave me too.

— The End —