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clem turner Sep 26
i didn’t remember
i cannot forget
that old derry song of
a loser’s lament.

a rag-tag ensemble
with worn and torn eyes
an unfinished puzzle
my girl and my guys

a restaurant visit
where we reminisce
you tell me you’re married
a punch i don’t miss

the fight started earlier
than we’d admit
and they held me back
whilst i yelled at a kid

[27 years apart and yet i knew
we stay the way we are
as losers tend to do.]

i knew that he froze when
he felt so afraid,
like his heart would explode
if he moved any way.

she gave him a weapon
to keep safe and sound –
and, too, for this use
of to **** an old clown.

we retreated together
an unlikely pair
so close i could kiss you
if only i’d dared

you saved me, i saw it
you brave, stupid man
if only i’d paid a spot
more attention

[27 years apart and yet i lost
the chance to hold you tightly
and tell you what you cost.]

your blood stained my glasses
i wish i could see
for the last moments with you
are red and blurry.

we crawled from the sewers
my best friends and i
the light from the sun burned
our dark natured eyes

we entered as six and
we left sans adieu
my love’s in the rubble
my heart burns there too.

i wish i’d remember
i swore to forget
the old derry song of
a lover’s lament.
it chapter 2 be like?

Once Upon A Deadpool

— The End —