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I put on earrings today
the ones with the bronze suns
I woke to a blue sky
in winter

Lipstick on my lips
for the first time in 6 years
I laughed at my old fool

Sighs and forlorn stares
had long graced my view glass
now a clean canvas
before me

Most tentative, the first stroke
such a daunting liberty
my pallet still holds
all the colors

Could one forget how
to see in the mind’s eye
the shapeshifting forms
of the spirit
They seek and they seek,
Meek, bleak, and they speak,
That the ones who can are the ones who reek,
Only a fraud for that one is unique,
To their eyes, but not to the peak,
Those who see, whom like to tweak,
With machines of life and of the cheek,
Words that arouse the minds obliques,
Through visions and laws where there is no physique,
Just all even from odds that creak.
The fine lone between megalomania and humility

— The End —