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Kagey Sage Oct 2015
The beast in the valley
wants more skulls for his cave
He's very very patient
He'll get them eventually
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Gaasyendietha, according to Seneca mythology, is a dragon that dwells in the deep areas of rivers and lakes of Canada, especially Lake Ontario. This dragon could fly on a trail of fire, and it could also spew fire.

It is also known as the 'meteor dragon', in reference to its supposed origin from a meteoroid that had impacted the Earth. It is also capable of crossing the heavens on a trail of fire.
Native Intuition Sep 2014
Sprouting seedling
Deep rooted and day dreaming
Through the crow's eyes
I see through the disguise
as this day fades into evening.

Indigestible persistence
Stand up to make a difference
Enchanted by the blood
of my ancestors resistance.

I pay homage as I gain
thankful for the knowledge
flowing freely through my veins
I hold the deepest respect
for this land I will protect
I am Haudenosaunee
born wild and free
and this way I shall remain.

— The End —