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Shane Leigh Jul 2017
My sweet, softly.
Softly my sweet
As I walk into the night –
Is that fear that furrows your brow my love?

I reach -
But I dare not feel the slick of your skin;
Watch the torments torture your heart.
I will go softly my sweet, my dearest,
Into the darkness and –
Oh, so softly my sweet.

Do not speak precious words to me now, –
Harsh words – not as I go into the dark;
But please, do wipe the sweat from your brow,
And move not your lips and be silent.

My dearest, I have made my oaths to you
And yet, you say no.  
You still say no – you are not to.
So why is it you still ....

Oh Gods!
My love, do not touch me like such
With heartening words and calloused fingertips.
I beg of you, Cease! Or I will be forced to stay;
I beg of you, Please! Do not make me bear
The sorrowful words that proceed from your lips.

Just let me go softly my dearest,
My sweet.
My sweet, let me go softly.
© Shane Leigh
This was my first poem published to this site. For the most part is has not changed, but I have added a few things along with adding to the title.
Is the one that is passed truly the one that treads in the Darkness?
Sky Feb 2016
Don’t let go, the world spins on;
With or without us,
the world spins on
Just don’t let go of me.

Hold me close, the world fades away;
As our souls gently touch,
the world fades away
Hold me close to you.

Remember forever,
the world can’t tear us apart;
We have promised each other infinity,
the world can’t tear us apart
Remember our forever.
Cate Dec 2014
We left on the excuse of
Wanting to listen
"Just one song".

But when we arrived at the place
That kept us from the outside
We decided to go ahead and drive

And I've never had a smile so big
I was actually scared
My face might rip

And I could die
Or we could drive off a cliff
Or smoke a laced spliff
It makes no difference to me

As long as you're around
Even if that means muddling through
The week
In our seperate towns
Until one of us can come down
For the weekend.  

And we're too loud
But it's only because we're used
To trying to bridge the distance
With a vocalized insistence

That we'll find a way back
Even if it's back roads and red eyes and runny noses

I know how it goes
And I've chosen to stay
When I would usually take the easy way
I'd be out and gone
But we're leaving together
And with you
I try to do less wrong.

Last night
one more song
Turned into a vulnerable
And awkward consolation
Turned to snot on my shoulder
And the comfort of
Human warmth.

I would address how we should go forward
But I know it doesn't matter

I'll see you again
And you'll catch my spinning head
And I'll hug you
And hug you
And never get enough

Sweet thing,  
You're the good stuff.

12.20.14 cem
Because you can't have a best friend and not write an awful poem for them. For my sweet sweet girl. You know who you are! (For everyone else this was stream of consciousness you can judge me idc I know it ain't great)
814 girl Sep 2014
I can't stop thinking about sad people, sitting in empty houses, looking at bright screens.
In the seventh grade there was a girl, she sat two rows to the right and three chairs back. She was loved, but you could tell she didn't know it. Her father was an addict, leaving marks from glass bottles on the window frames she used to climb out of. Her mother was lonely, and breaking every day. she may not have felt the love from her mother or her father, she shouldn't felt it from me. I loved that girl to pieces a million times over again. I wanted to put the pieces of her messy life back together, hoping someday she'd do the same for me. She became my best friend. I feel like i helped put the pieces back together, and i still don't think she knows how many pieces of mine she's picked up and put back together.

— The End —