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Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
Concealed in my diary
in the form of words
my emotions explode
inklings of events
predicaments conjectured
or  sighs of contentment
vaguely interpreted
lights my soul
stagnant but painful
glorious yet tearful
Danielle S Apr 2018
And the night the night
Gets a tinkling of inkling
And big brains and cupped hands
To catch whichever stars decide
To fall
Andreas Simic Oct 2017
The GlimpseĀ©

As he rode down the escalator
Eyes upon the next step
Caution on his mind
The throng of people
Surrounding him like a fence
Something told him to look up
Was it an inkling
Was it intuition
Was it a premonition
Was it fate
But look up he did
And in that moment their eyes met
It was a mere seconds of a lifetime
But they were both transfixed
He going down
She coming up
A passing of two strangers
Eyes locked
Was this a flight of fancy
Or the real thing
He would never know
For she was gone around the corner
And he was on his way to work
Destiny would have to prevail
Someday but not today

Andreas SimicĀ©
I spend my time thinking
but all it brings is drinking
even with my eyes unblinking
I don't have an inkling

I spend my time creating
the gates of my debating
hating my own procrastinating
it's only time I'm wasting

I spend my time drinking
but all it brings is thinking
when my mentality is shrinking
I don't have an inkling

— The End —