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Äŧül Nov 2016
My heart has a crush on a heart of infidelity,
Yes, she is treacherous, a traitor she is, that ****.
My heart had a crush on the heart of a sweety,
Yes, she was pure and high was her divinity.
My heart has a crush on the sweetest of them all,
Yes, she is simply the sweetest of them all.
My heart had a crush on a simple heart,
Yes, she was simple when I fell in love with her.
My heart has a crush on a heart of a young gal,
Yes, she is youthful, and obviously she is fickle.
Immature people are fickle hearted.
Others are mature & dedicated.
The immature call us wrong.
HP Poem #1236
©Atul Kaushal
Maria Imran Jun 2016
Just how many times
I've paired words one and two,
lines after lines that spell nothing
but the damage you've caused.
The colossal, irreversible, unchangeable damage
that has blotted onto my soul most darkly, dreadfully.
How many times
Have I just
Paired lines after lines to spell that.
It doesn't go.
Hasn't yet, at least.

— The End —