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mysa Aug 2018
jealousy really is a disease, isn't it?

a shame it had to infect me
im trying to be active on here again, but im having problems thinking of what to write
Branden Youngs Jul 2018
Drunk with my name dripping from your mouth.
Fingers curling as gently push me further south.
Your secret is mine
Safe between my mouth and your waistline.
Carving down your spine
Clashing like the northwest coastline.
Dissolving pieces of you into my shore.
This night is my chance to infect your core.
M Mar 2014
There used to be
Love in the air
Blatantly shown- for all to see
Long gone, and I wouldn't dare
To try again
Not much longer
Before it's a sin
To mutter those words, no fonder
Am I of the concept
Of love
Than I am of the way you're inept
Push and shove
Left no luck
Isn't that true
My father and my mother
You and I
Don't love one another
I thought forever 'till we die
On that very first date
Little did I know
That long ago sealed was our fate
It didn't show
Scared am I now
When I see the way we reflect
My parents relationship- wow
They way they were able to infect
My love life with their hell.
Used to be in love; still in love

— The End —