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Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
I have seen
Incongruity win
When people love
Parallelism disappears
Meeting point to come
I live in love anger
In parallelism
I dwell
I wish parallelism exists
Euclid to fail
Meeting point to come
Lobachevsky to win
This poem is drawn on analogy of geometry.
nadine shane Nov 2017
you only said you loved me
when you were lonely;

you were scared of
feeling even a tinge of loneliness circulating inside your body
so you impulsively go out
during late nights
to search for love
in befuddled men.

you only said you hated me
when you were inebriated;

you were scared of
feeling even an ounce of happiness
surging through your veins
so you look at yourself
in front of the shattered mirror,
who pitied you
for ululating constantly.

your flagrant atrophy
shouts your
malapropos name
across the hearts
worn on every sleeve.
you always wore a facade of mirth and dysphoria.
Anderson M Feb 2015
This morning I chanced upon
A holy unholy spectacle.
A fully grown shirtless man
In the broad glaring daylight of day
Sited in a puddle of sewage
Putting his hands to good use
With astounding dexterity
Sprinkling all over himself
The waters of sheer filth.
Cleanliness and Godliness
attributes cut from the same cloth
so to clean oneself with dirt
whilst exalting oneself as smart
might fill other people's hearts with scorn and mirth
It however is a seemingly 'unchewable' issue for the mind's teeth

— The End —