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You came closer, to me--
      But still there was distance,
I fall in love with you,
      As sleep to a fatigue *****!
Perhaps the sky don't need the land,
      In the way you were needed to me;
Perhaps the moon-lit-light is not so loving to a dark night sky;
      As you were to me!
Wishing to speak and behold your hand once again,
      But it is a love, which is never to begin.
I seemed to have been collided with your fragrance,
      And forget about all my sadness!
I began to make a 'necklace of poems' for you, that you took as a gift,
       And in a return gift, that age-old pain,
My spellbound heart had received!
       I even forgot the way of coming back,
While having a walk with you...
       And now you left me alone here,
Writing something like my name,in the sands of your love.
       Our incomplete love, will not be completed ever,
       And you become an image,
What I'll remember forever.
               _Sougat Dasgupta.
"Few emotions can't be described in sspeaking, but can be in writing..."

— The End —