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What were you expecting for
that always thinking somebody shouts in the wind…
in an empty frame, there are eyes under sunglasses,
May be
Nobody knows what is the fact.
in the  train station where you stand for an appointment
mass mess violently.
trains run hastily in
front and back of your memories strange.
A message from
Somebody may  
Bright the morrow…
lost dandelions may scatter everywhere.
things rarely happen.
things you are expecting and things make you not to stay in one place or mood
trains move hastily... and
nobody knows what will happen to future, what will happen to you. what will happen to ....?
what will happen.....again?
daisies Jan 2017
she just saw something,
and she said; "that's so poetic."
Tuesday January 31, 2017
Khadijah A Wahab
Amitav Radiance Mar 2015
In an instant
An instance
Can change
the world
from its
present form
and a
sea of change
can deluge
the existence
to what was
Tide turns
to a catastrophe
washing away
the memories
to a distant land
much nearer
to the
weakened soul
waiting for
the sunkissed
and wait
for an instance
in life
to look at
the brighter side

— The End —