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Jordan Hudson Sep 2018
I'm nothing
I'm not even here
No one even cares
My presence is what I fear
Everything I make seems to not seem quite right
Why can't I just highlight the words as a make these these songs at night
The quality is bad yet I keep pushing on
What is driving my brain to write these stories that I've drawn
I make absolutely nothing off of these trash tracks
Yet every day I continue while other rappers make stacks
I waste my time it feels like writing these words
While I miss out on other things and it begins to hurt
With things happening here in my town
Every night I watch as the sun goes down
Living on thin ice while I fall apart
I guess I'll pay the price and hopefully I can restart
It's all my fault, that my life is this way
Socially, I am an outlier and a castaway
Hidden away creating these short songs
Please somebody, what am I doing wrong
Clueless and anonymous in the musical world
As I think about think these songs my brain goes cold
It loses thought and flashbacks occur
It seems as if our short lives go by in a brief blur
Do what you can in these short lives, make some changes
These are our duties make some exchanges
That is part of what we are supposed to do
God, you are the one that I look up to
Just a sad piece I wrote in about an hour
C Jan 2018
What am I supposed to do when the person who gave me my own life back, is the one ******* it away.
I know I'm a piece of sh**, and that's okay.
But if you love me so much then why do you pull me down to get yourself higher, when you could use that strength to lift yourself up.
You got too close and that scared you so you gave up.
So you told yourself that I was a *****, but you're the one selling yourself to the entire world.
You're a god, nothing more.
And I'm just a ***** that will always love you.
Why did you save me
I did not know I was Asexual.
I did not think I was anything.
Maybe I thought I was out of place with the world.
Maybe I thought I was out of rhythm with the world.
Now I know, and now I've told you.
I guess I am nothing to you,
because that was enough to make you leave.
I can't say I am happy you left,
but at least I know you aren't the one for me.
Maybe you will never come back.
Maybe you will try to make small talk with me.
Maybe I am just fine with the outcome.

— The End —