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Ma Cherie Oct 2016
You're the type a guy,
I can see saying,

"Girl, you're gonna get it,
when I get home."

I'd smile,
look forward,
to your **** self,
the way you smell,
& get ready,
look pretty,
cook dinner,
pick a wine,
set the mood
retire for the evening
sit beneath a lovers moon,
& for dessert,
yummy memories
soooo nice,

get here quick,
'cuz I'm here
tappin' my foot,

Cherie NolanĀ© 2016
; )
Ma Cherie Sep 2016
I'm throwing shadows in the dark
trying to light the wind
to create a tiny spark
as music's playing on the radio
to the sounds of a broken heart

Say the word
I'll come back
you only need a fire when it's really cold
or to heat you when your really old

Even though I'm down
just know I'll be around
to rescue you again.
Need I say more...

— The End —