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Kayla Apr 2015
Most college students will find any reason they can to drink
And I used to think it was completely stupid
Until the day you left
Now I too will find any reason to drink
Or any reason to get high
Because I’m looking for anything to take off the edge
Anything you get you off my mind
Kayla Mar 2015
Today I saw you walking with her

I know you said that you wouldn’t be ready

and that you hadn’t moved on

But for some stupid reason I’m still caught up over you

For some stupid reason when I saw you with her

A pang of jealousy hit me hard

For some stupid reason I got nervous seeing you there

Hoping you would come in and see me

But wishing with everything I had that you wouldn’t

Maybe its just lust

But I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way

And I know that its not okay

But for some stupid reason

Here I am

— The End —