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Amanda May 4
I am sorry for my failures
Sorry for being depressed
Always being self-absorbed
Worried and constantly stressed

I am sorry I don't show gratitude
Sorry for causing you grief
Bearing sorrow as a weapon
Sword I cannot sheath

I am sorry I whine so much
Unload troubles on your ears
Sorry I'm uncomfortable
Showing others my tears

Sorry for getting on nerves
Clinging to your side so tight
I am sorry when we argue
Hard to admit you're right

I am sorry I'm perpetually sad
Emotions are beyond my control
Sorry you are the one left to repair
Damaged fragments of my soul

I am sorry I have changed so drastically
In years since we first met
Sorry for slipping downwards
Doing all that I regret

Sorry you often take care of me
I can't do it myself
Ignoring many problems
Instead of getting help

I am sorry I'm the way I am
For what I cannot be
Becoming who I swore I wouldn't
Sorry you're stuck loving me
A formal apology to my love

— The End —