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Today the Sunday special brief
     iCloud online worship session, I did attend
(via remote support)
     found me feeling pampered,

     when adept technical support
     didst figuratively bend
over backwards, thus aye defend
glorious, righteous,

     and zealous Gurus who did expend
their religious fervor, without proselytizing
and sanctified dedication they proffered
     as if this secular chap hapt tubby

     a long time Facebook friend
diligently persevered amidst
     my woeful yelping alarm
where bot sized wetbacks, setbacks,

     and drawbacks,
     required a secret char
which this netizen vaguely understood
     as unfair be-tidings disallowing

     thyself to purchase additional farm
ming out iCloud storage
     in the deleterious harm
akin to buggy ah mush swarm

comprised documents
     (painstakingly slaved over with zest)
plus sundry data necessitating mooch ***
     legal tender (probably every

     last red cent of mine) to in vest
concerted efforts of
     at least one expert to test
her/his mettle in an attempt

     (dim prospect) performing an in quest
to retrieve valuable data lost amidst a nest
of inaccessible "lost" information
     (bantering with computer

     jargon more so jest
with no intention to "FAKE"
     trumpeting minimal knowledge
     judiciously impressed

upon thine fifty plus
     shades of gray matter, at my be hest
expressing scant cumulative
     disc cussing duff frag

     minted understanding lest,
a personal goal
     to incapsulate in poetic best
not abandoning frustration
     with this Macbook Pro
cuz, positive experience
     wrought with Apostles eye attest,

so rather then vent
     my spleen in vein
hie desisted
     to rage against the machine,
     and tack toward being urbane

thus, rejoicing with a cherry,
     hearty, and mighty byte hooray,
     asper driving,
     exercising, and foisting

     gentle circuitry vis a vis
neurotransmitters and neuromodulators
     nudging pull-ups
     within cerebral terrain.
Cali Courtney Feb 2018
I still keep up with you. I think about you all the time and feel embarrassed the more I write these. Like a broken record I guess. You're doing fine with your job and you're moving in life. Im happy that you're happy. I Hope you're okay because maybe you hide any pain like I hide behind this folder of notes. I don't know why I chose the eight ball emoji for the title. Maybe a subconscious fear of never knowing when you're going to leave. or when you'll stop calling. I still feel like your girl and I feel stupid because you're looking for another one and I write words into my phone at 2 am that I know you would be fine listening to.. but what kind of woman would I be if I let you know that no matter how many times you choose me as lost option, ill always be here in the middle of the night saving you some blanket.
from my notes
Cali Courtney Feb 2018
About 2.5 months now

I'm saving up to see you
I bought summer clothes
maybe you'll see me in my yellow dress
I think you'll like it

Its after midnight and I've been trying to fall asleep since 21
My mind wandered to you
I laughed at myself for a while

You're going to make me run out of tears
because you're not here to dry them

From my Notes

— The End —