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izzn Jun 2019
Here, have this iced coffee
I buy it just for you
Take a shot of this caffeine
to wipe out all them blues

Here, have this iced coffee
Sorry, it has squared-up cubes
Tell me how it tastes like again,
Does it taste good?

Here, have this iced coffee
One that's just as cool as you
Do you love it?
because I love you
:) it's just me being cheesy lol sorry have a nice day :)
a milestone
how she's mine
that liken hand jive
when she's a dancing top
in a courtyard of her repute
and heartily on the move where
she'll tenet to newly connect latter
with wealth resound in me to advance
her timeless rule for love and honor again.
Nickols Oct 2014
His blue eyes are like glacial-lakes, wrapping around his heart till he's chilled to the bone from the cold.
A deadly place where treading is no longer permitted.
His eyes are transparent and distant as the impersonal clouds passing overhead.

Even as I stands before him, reflecting off him.
I am still merely a reflection.

He knows my face, I reason silently.
From the hills of my cheeks, down towards the valley separating my lips.

He should recognize it all.

Instead a blank expression greets me.    
A look of cold, solid insouciance.
I'm immediately angry with myself for wanting to justify his indifference's.

A reflex I've never been able to expel.
The vestigial limb on a skeleton.
A party favor from another time forgotten for the newly discovered toy.

I twist in the fridged winds wrapping around him.
My force giving under the great pressure magnified by his powers.

I never wanted to dance upon his breeze.
This realization makes me burn hotter.
My anger brighter than the northern star.

I welcome it, my amounting rage.
I embraces it with a raging smile.

His glaciers may be cold, immovable at times.
A pretentious notion I might freeze.

For I am the sun swirling in nova's ring and cannot be affected by his black iced personality.
Sarathustra Jun 2014
I hear them all laugh
in front of me,
for this that I am.
Is it possible
that I could be so unsure of myself?
Though I am not really there,
I see everything.
Immersed in profound water ,
I feel everything.
And I can't change nothing.
I wait someone to get me out of the water
telling me:
"It was just a bad dream,"-
but who ever comes ,enjoys my sorrow
and joins the crowd
And than I see ,
a girl stare at me.
She looks exactly as me .
Staring she smiles with purity
and says to me:
Listen to the birds sing.
Its indeed a beautiful morning. "
At that very moment I feel
instead of my heart , I have ice.
Ice that is only kept frozen by staying in that water.
And I can do nothing.

— The End —