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Zoie Marie Sep 2017
He held me while I cried
He knows sometimes I just wanna die
But this distance
May prove
That we need eachother
No matter how far we move
This solitude I sit in
All I can think is how to improve
Who I am inside
Who I constantly fight
I'm fighting for light
In a brain full of lies
I'm going to continue to fight
Till the day I die
To show not only you
But the whole world
How I can pursue
My happiness
Fight for my love
Fight for me
Fighting for light
In a brain full of lies
I know who i am
I know who I should be
I'll let her free
And show the world me
I'll win the fight for light
In a brain full of lies
I'll make it truth
I'll make it new
I'll show you
I'll show them
Who I am
No longer fighting for light
In a brain full of lies
Self-deceit is self suicide.
Cassandra Allen Nov 2015
Your sitting and someone pops you a question.
Your sitting in a room where everyone avoids the eyes.
Not the eyes of one person,
But the eyes of everyone around them.
There here to help were all here to get help.
I came here to get help.
Someone pops you a question.
The brave one.
Hey, I've seen you at school.
Why,are you here?
All is dryly silent,
Has it always been this silent?
Why.....are you here?
Hyper and curious they sound despite the environment already answering.
I had an accident,
I am being helped.
It's quiet again.
Has it always been this silent?
Are you sure or is that what they've told you.
I can feel the difference.
The doctor will see you now........
emeraldine087 Mar 2015
I am truer than my lies,
Louder than my doubts,
Surer than my insecurities;

I am fairer than my flaws,
Heavier than my airs,
Quieter than my anxieties;

I am stronger than my failures,
Calmer than my rages,
Happier than my tears;

I am humbler than my vanities,
Wiser than my mistakes,
Bigger than my fears.

*(c) emeraldine087
This is lovingly dedicated to my aunt, Imelda. You are one strong woman and my admiration for you is beyond any and all words known to humankind.

— The End —