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Zeus Jan 2017
All these broken words on the floor
all these broken promises on the floor
all this black blood on the floor
all the same mistakes I've made before,
i think i might just make once more
for you i would make them twice more..

all this pain i cant feel, the drugs must be working
i might just leave if you cant leave with it,
all this love but i still don't feel it.

all the burn marks no can see
all the bruises that no one can see
all the fake smiles that no one can see
all hidden behind the angel wings no one can see,
all topped with the horns no one can see

i've got some new friends lose
some new hearts to break
some new minds to ruin
some new lips to taste
some new hate to create

as i write i show the darkness and the rage
i show the voices that scream beautiful music
the nightmares that are fantasies to me
the nightmares that are fantasies to me..............
Zeus Jan 2017
LISTEN TO ME!, In the moment i am NOT a poet!!, but when i grab my anger and hold it!, i am NOTHING more than a crazy bull, being used by the violence i am just a tool!!, i **** out verbal slang and terminal ****** slur, i am a vulture sir, i am a mess, i stir up the rest, i am filled with rage,and the rage calms the VOICES in my head the SCREAM SHOUT YELL!!, but this noise is peaceful......

LISTEN TO ME as i say to you, if you love me then HATE ME and NOT my work!!.. my work with words is all i have so on my knees i plead to you have mercy on the one TRUE love i have!, the one true thing that keeps me stable when your OVER REACTION hurts even me!!..

LISTEN TO ME and we go back to the facts i have to face, i face no faces for the shadows that haunt my room!! speak in tongues and seek REVENGE on the unknown that left them with me, the starch and scream trying to ESCAPE FROM ME , i guess the shadows hate my jokes...

Zeus Jan 2017
if i show you the real me promise not to run away
if i show you my true colors promise not to laugh,
not to cry,
not to fix me,
if i show you my true intentions promise not to think we are meant to be,
if i show you my past promise not to change how you treat me
if i show you how to write promise not to leave me
if i show you my crown promise not steal it,
if i show you my thunder promise not to be afraid of the lightening,

if i show you my heart promise not to break it
if i show you my dreams promise not to get scared
if i show you my mind promise not to say its too dark..

I'll accept whats happened to you,
so pick up your past and bring them to me
don't leave your imperfections or insecurities at the door,walk into my life with them,
bring your problems to me and I'll hug you to make you feel better,

i walk in darkness with my eyes closed just so i can see clearly,
i walk with the darkness because in the silent noise of the cold heat i feel fearfully safe..

— The End —