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Mind Matterer Dec 2018
Fits of hyper-venti-lation
With no seemingly logical explanation.

All you’ve done is say those six sharp words,
That are now stabbing you in the back, just like swords.

Your thoughts jumbled up in a giant mess,
Lost in all of the dark, heavy stress.

And it’s all pressed
On your quivering, fragile chest.

It feels like a never ending pit.
No one seems to understand it.

And now all you’re left with,
is that dizzy-making, stomach-churning **** of a fit
Pax Jul 2014
My heart is in throbbing tone
My hands are as cold as stone

Sleepless, I become restless
Shortness of air, I become breathless
Controlling emotions seems helpless
An emotional distress

In the realization of my hyperventilation
I get dizzy and sleepy
My mind is on overdrive worry

Voices have strained my mind
And the Echoes have drained my body
Into a slumpy Winnie.

*© Pax
You’ll never know the feeling unless you’ve experienced it. Knowing it is part of healing it - a knowledge about it makes you aware on how to handle it when it attacks... at least that's what i know...

I had experienced it twice that i lost control of my emotions...
Alyssa Sunico Jun 2013
Attack, pressed, cornered
Trapped with no where to go

Expecting, watching, judging
How can I speak when I'm out of breath

Disloyal, appalled, betrayal
Warm faces disguise cruelty

Rushing, gushing, maddening
A lump in my throat, tears threatening to flow

Misunderstanding, misdemeanor, misery
Have to fight the tears, give no satisfaction

Frozen, paralyzed, immobile
Quietly surrendered to the abyss

Crazed, insane, dementia
They can't get me now

Masked with their actions
No emotions shown
They've got me
But I too, have got them.

— The End —