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Feel that bass-line push
us off of base-line; beauty
and the dynamical sublime.

Raise us up 'til we're amazed,
Praise be The Apotheon
in all its daze.

"Hallelujah, hallelujah
Not here to praise ya
Just here to raise ya
Fill you full of nails"

See the Monday's crucial difference to
today's flaw of apotheosis; we deify
this 'maze' and give ecstasy praise.

Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Let successive beats flow,
Amplify empathy; take it.

"Oh sweet sensation",
"Closer to all your dreams";

"I wish this was real".
-Lines Seven to Ten from Hallelujah (Club Mix) by The Happy Monday
-Line Seventeen from Sweet Sensation by Shades of Rhythm
-Line Eighteen from Closer To All Your Dreams by Rhythm Quest
-Line Nineteen from Jip in Human Traffic (1999)
"The present is gone. Fantasy is a part of reality
and we take the breaks off. We're thinking clearly
yet not thinking at all, and this feels right.
We stop trying to control things,
The warm rush of chemicals through us. Is this brain damage?
We forget all the hurt and pain in life.
We wanna go somewhere else. We're not threatened by people anymore. All our insecurities have evaporated.
We're in the clouds now. Wide open,
We're spacemen, orbiting the earth.
Yeah, the world looks beautiful from here man.
We're nympholeptics, desiring for the unattainable.
We risk sanity for moments of temporary enlightenment.
So many ideas, so little memory. The last thought killed by anticipation of the next.
We embrace an overwhelming feeling of love.
We flow, in unison. We're together.
I wish this was real.
We want a universal level of togetherness, where we're comfortable with everyone.
We're in rhythm. Part of the movement, a movement to escape.
We wave goodbye.
Ultimately, we just want to be happy.
Yeah, yeah!
Hang on,
What the **** was I just talking about?"
Film: Human Traffic (1999)
Writer(/Director): Justin Kerrigan
Character: Jip
Actor: John Simm
princessninann May 2015
humans for sale*
you can lick their body
you can trade their kidney
you ignore them, and pretend you can't see.

Ignorance is the key to their death
Poverty is their destiny
Hunger is their enemy
Darkness is their only escape.

And you want to take them
getting all the benefits
selling their soul
exploiting their body.

How do you see these black children?
How do you see these poor people?
Robots? Slaves? For sale?
For ***? For money? For power?

Well, I see them as human
they cry, they love, they laugh.
I see you as the Demon,
you know nothing but evil.
for the victims of human trafficking, God is with your and for all the offenders, may God judge you.

— The End —