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ricci Jun 2020
there's another circle, dante—

it's the tenth and it's the worst

in which the ****** fall into its cavern
of gelid black of no ends

where likelihood of stopping is none
and darkness just stretches

there is a tenth circle, dante
and it's the darkest
and the coldest

and it's called

h u m a n m i n d.

Eddie Apr 2019
How do we learn to speak?
What in our minds takes different sounds and connects the
To people, places, emotions
Take twins for example.
They both can communicate almost fluently in a language the average person is beyond Understanding
Humans are so funky!
You can almost see the gears turning behind someone's eyes when they think
So many take their minds for granted.
After all, it was us who build castles, kingdoms,  Step foot on the moon itself
Doubt is the killer of dreams
It is our intelligence that has allowed us to continue surviving
Thriving even
 Well, depends on who you ask.
I firmly believe that the sky's the limit.
All we must do is reach for it.

— The End —