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JDM Aug 2014

I search for words lord knows I try
I sat in my room, I sat in my room and cried
It has been so very long since I've seen you
where has the time gone

We were just children playing under a million
stars they were so brilliant
We were resilient to the troubles of the world
living in a world that we were given
We would both just listen to our hearts, their beating
She asked are we in love

The memories keep flooding in
We're on a snowy hill we hide just to hold hands again
By the fireplace, we are telling stories in each other's arms
Just two children love is innocent
I can't believe that she, that she is gone

If I could trade places I would
I'd lay my life down so you can be with family again
In my memory, you will stay
We will be children forever in a warm embrace

(x1 chorus)

I search for words Lord knows I try
I sat in my room, I sat in my room and cried

I must say goodbye sweet Karla
sweet Karla goodbye

© JDMaraccini 2014

Dedicated to a Karla Brada who was murdered in 2011

(Listen to this song here)

— The End —