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OH you were honest, huh?
I should respect you,
Oh dear,
For being real?

I tell you okay, cool,
thank you!
That I bear you no ill will,
no, no,
Not enough for you,
Elder one,
I must admit,
how amazing you are,
For dropping me,
For something easy.

I get the decision,
Hell, I share most of your reasoning!
But, *****,
Get the **** out,
of my life,
If you are going to drop me,
And ask me to respect you,
for honesty.
Like I wouldn't have noticed anyways.
Like you owed me an explanation.
Like you cheated on me.
Like you felt guilty,
decided I deserved it.
When really, you just played the game,
A little better,
and when a fairer breeze came along,
You jumped on,
and flew away,

Well ******* ****,
I'll find someone better,
And it's okay.
I'm just being honest.
You have to respect me for,
being real.

— The End —