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She was the favorite
The baby of the family
Even when she no

She was special
Clearly it showed
In her soft skin
Or her glowing

And the spirit caught
Her nearly from birth
She kept her feet
In both

Which she still does
To this very day
Staying afoot
Here and
The Spirit Catches
Me and
I Fell
The Spirit caught me
Or maybe the Spirit
Catches me

Either way I always Fall
The rabbit hole way further

Than I knew existed

My Fall is not
An easy one
I hit speed bumps
Every which

I've been left in a
State of hazy

But I am not dead
The doctor's told mommy
I would be by now

Yet here I am
Fighting still,
Head held high

With pride
Cause I am a miracle child
Eyes wide open

Each one a testimony that the
American Medical Complex
Isn't always the answer

Isn't the only
At the very least

So divorced from humanity
That they forgot we
Are spirit first


And some fates are worse
Than death
Some alter destinies for more

Than one

Forbid they try
That same nonsense
On me again
Not Hmong
But Still
Anne Fadiman
How can I ever explain it?
Not without a full disclosure
I will tell you every bit
Your kindness to which I demure

Soldiers fight their own private war
Mine to protect the Hill Tribes
Willing to suffer all the gore
All credit to them I ascribe

Upon arrival in Da Nang
I gathered my field gear and rifle
A mission with Colonel Vang
Preparation seemed but a trifle

My kind mountain Hmong Tribal ladies
Give a great gift to me, your sons
I will escort them through Hades
I'll teach them to ****** with guns

Wet their tongues in cobra's blood
I have come to save you from doom
The coming communist red flood
Boys already made their own tomb

We shall fly the flags of the Hmong
We'll rally boys from the villes
We must slaughter the Minh and Cong
The Hmong will have their own Bastille

I will take a dragon to wife
Boys will nurture in her foul breath
They will worship their ****** knife
We'll dance the ritual of death

I’m the lost soul forest monster
Others have come before today
They are pathetic impostors
We will flow through the night to slay

Other boys born beneath the palm
They have come to steal your life's breath
It's them that we target to bomb
I'll walk among you as Macbeth

My Duncan is among your kin
Banquo will haunt me til I rot
I will be fixed with mortal sin
Unable to wash away the spot

I will hide my hands from Odin
A conundrum in which I'm caught
Future will be among the Jinn
My destiny from this foul plot

Your sons buried in sacred ground
They'll not be stained with my darkness
Peace for them will be so profound
How many thanks can I express

Those boys in valor's selfless crown
From gallantry, their future gone
Sins I keep and can't beat down
For many years, I must atone.

I, far removed from battles roar
Do fondly remember those boys
Their smiles and laughter before
Stand out among life's greatest joys

No more the fierce warrior am I
Just an old man with memories
I am needing to just say goodbye
And maybe, maybe my conscience appeases
This is my lament.  It is extracted from my third life.

— The End —