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Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
I want to be a materialist as much as I could.
I want to kiss the sun and marry the moon!

I want to invite all the stars, sending them a tweet,
and I’d like them all to join me on Facebook!

I want to carry the Himalayas on my shoulder,
and I’d like to swim across the Atlantic water!

I want to wax lyrical over the waves
and would like to fly with the clouds.

I want to be in the green
and would like to spread across the spring.

I want to paint on the sky
keeping my head held high.  

I want to wear the perfect fit ring,
as perfect as the pi-perfect circle,
with no endless nano-decimal hole,
just fine-tuned to my finger hole!
Jayantee Khare May 2017
It's ecstasy that their is no end,
Ups and downs, life has a blend,

As soon as you conquer one peak,
You find more higher ones sneak

And giving you another challenge,
For the life is a mountain range,

Amidst of the peaks there are steep,
Gorges where you submerge into deep,

Life is like mighty Himalaya,
To liberate us from from wordly maya...
Maya means illusion in hindi....during my recent to Dalhousie at foothills of Himalaya i inspired to write this
Matthew M Lydon Feb 2015
hunched back, towering shadow
12 feet tall and loping through snow
is this beast, wild, in my imagination?
or is it reality
as true as the frostbite
that threatens to
take my nose?

I never believed, I come from skeptics
but then as a fat man, I never had faith
that I'd lose enough weight
to carry myself through the Himalayas

THAT is more amazing to me
than a creature of legend
dragging its mid-day meal
back to its cozy cave
in frost-covered mountains

it stops, stands, regards me
one brute arm holding to its ****
white steam blowing, locomotive
from its nose
mouth opens as if to roar
and I...


it tilts its head, closes its mouth
and with a shrug
leaps off through the snow
stiffening mountain sheep
flailing along behind
like a pull-toy

I say, more to myself than anyone:

Yeti, your secret is safe with me
No one back home
would ever believe.

from a dream I had, watching the snow fall in Philadelphia.

— The End —