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Leighanna May 2019
It’s weird being high-functioning.
It’s hard for others to see what’s wrong, sometimes it hard for ME to see what’s wrong.
I go to work, I clean my house, I cook dinner, I don’t feel much.
I experience life as a monotone melody, everyday feels like the same day on an infinite loop.
I’m here, I’m there, I’m nowhere while being everywhere
It’s not horrible, it’s not great. It just is.
It’s weird being high-functioning because I often forget I don’t have to live like this.
I’m diagnosed with major depression and anxiety along with other things but I am considered high-functioning. This may seem like a good thing but that’s not necessarily the case. Many people go through life as high-functioning without even realizing it. Being high-functioning doesn’t always mean you’re doing better, sometimes it just means you’re getting used to it.
Marissa Mar 2019
people like me are dangerous
because we disguise ourselves so well
that nobody can tell us apart from
the crowd

people like me are cautious
we put on a mask and hide
but all it takes is one moment
one slip away from being found

people like me are trying
to just get through the day
without breaking down into tears
but it takes everything out of us

people like me are afraid
of the look in someone’s eyes
when they find out and want
to expose us

people like me are surviving
so well because we know how to act
we’ve been learning our whole lives
behind closed windows and doors

people like me are high functioning
because we have to be to get by
we are strong on the outside
but hurting deep inside

people like me scare me
because you’ll never know they needed help
robin williams, amy winehouse, mac miller

people like us are living among you
walking by you on the street
smiling at you
and you would never know
Emma Hill Jan 2017
Telltale signs of paranoia ***** at the hackles that run from head
(to heart)
down the spine
        drown the mind
Psychotic neurotic autistic artistic
Imagination whirls like wind through the pines and
The hair along my spine
        Is standing

— The End —