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Emily Jan 2016
Outside I smile as if everything has been figured out,
Inside I hide the problems that are unsolved.
Unknown Oct 2015
People ask...
Why are unknown?
Why are you hidden?

My only answer
Im hiding for the ones
Who cant be hidden
Im hiding for the ones
That love has bitten
Im hiding for the ones
Whos been through it all
Im hiding for the ones
Who are struggling along.
Destre' Aug 2015
they call her pretty but that comes from few
They don't know whats true because they can't see through
All the fake smiles and laughs, she seems happy and such
That guard of hers might not be thick enough
She sees the stares
but pretends she doesn't care
all the while wishing to be anywhere but there
She keeps to herself and thats all right
No one knows
No ones there to hear her cry at night
in the morning when the sun starts to shine bright
She'll pull down her sleeves, wipe her tears and start all over again
heading out
always forgetting to turn out the light
I. only hear what you would
like me to hear
Not what I should hear.
generally speaking.
I need to button up
Ash Saveman Apr 2015
Look down
Don't let them see

Look away
That tear can't be noticed

Turn away
They can't see the marks

Look down
Don't show your emotions

Look away
You are nothing
Nothing to them
Ivy Swolf Feb 2015
As breakable as plastic wrap, one little slit
and out come my pink guts and colourful secrets
until it all pools at my feet, like some gruesome
flooded garden with rotting zombie flowers. But at least
it forces you to have nothing to hide, no more hidden skeletons
in this closet of a body, where I hang half-whispered dreams
in the hopes that one day, one year, I'll finally have the chance to put
them on for size. If you have transparent skin, too
you may realize that you've never felt this light before. Don't be alarmed,
the important parts inside you will regrow (a heart,
a soul, a spirit) and you can finally discard the things
you never really needed before (a conscience). You may
be falling apart at the seems. You may not know where your insides
end and your outsides begin, and you may inexplicably find
your heart duck taped to your sleeve in an attempt to
hold you together. But now that my truth has finally been exposed
to the air around me, I finally feel clean.

thanks for reading. Critique if you like, I'd love to hear from you

— The End —