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Royce May 2019
The beer goes down and ruins the stomach,
And the insides bleed for eternity.
So what now?

     It is said that when youth drowns
The pretty angels disappear
And solitude becomes our God.

     We stare at white walls for days,
never seeing the end.

     Making chessboards out of ancient pizza boxes,
We defend against the invasion,
The chemical heroes,
With the ****** up childhood
And family full of rapists.

     I used to be world class with my musicianship,
And my daydreams use to come to life,
And I would drink whiskey early in the morning,
Before tending to my slavery.
I would ***** acid,
I would inhale everything,
I would make my mother scream,
“Stop pretending to be a GOD!” She would say.
“Leave me alone,” I would say.
Still drunk, or sick.
A real hero.
Sabía el día de mi perecer,
Navegue sin pensarlo,
Te busque en los campos de café,
En cada grano perfumado,
Me sumergí en los pozos
De líquido arábigo,
Cada sorbo sin hallar valentía,
Te busque en mi cuarto,
Entre el papel, también en mi desorden,
Solo me topé con sentimientos,
Pero no te encontré,
Hasta que te vi al fin
Echo de trigo, de maíz,
Sangrabas café, pero no flaqueaste,
Pude sonreír otra vez.
Héroe te encontré lleno de fuerza,
Y recordaste todas aquellas aventuras
Todas las victorias, al perforar mi mente
pude levantarme y ser héroe de grano perfumado,
De líquido arábigo, con cabello de maíz y corazón de trigo.
Yume Blade Aug 2015
I could be your heroe in your nightmares
I could be your light in your darkest night,
I could be your curse or your angel,
I could be your fire when it's cold outside,,
I could be your sun when it's too dark
I could be your rock when there's nowhere to hide
I could be whoever you want

It's how you love me.
thank you for lovin' me even if it's just a little , it's enough for me to know that you're here ▽

— The End —