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Kewayne Wadley Mar 2019
Her love is urgent
Coming quick,
Reaching out with both arms extended.
Her love close to my heart,
Our feet no longer stray,
The result of prayers made on both knees.
Her arms give more than take
Finding their way inside mine.
Providing a warmth awaken by the tick of hearts.
Her love urgent,
Time assent.
My nose lost in the scent of her neck,
My arms tight around her.
I don't want to go.
Tomorrow a world away.
I don't want to wait
Her love close
Pressed tight,
Just beneath her chest.
Each throb in the palm of my hand
Reaching out with both arms extended.
I don't want to go.
My hands no longer by my side.
Her love ever more urgent
My love waiting my whole life for her.
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
She offered me a glass of water from the tap.
Delighted by the fact I happily accepted.
This wasn't like anything I've ever tasted.
I've never had Evian but I'd bottle it the same.
This particular taste wasn't accompanied by anything sour.
A strange taste that makes your face scrunch.
Before I knew it I drunk the glass whole.
Fiji water is an acquired taste.
But all in all I still enjoyed it.
I asked for another glass, feeling each ripple swish around my mouth.
All water doesn't taste the same and this by far.
The best water I ever tasted.
Ice included.
Fogging the outside of the glass.
Fingerprints forever stained.
If I was a fish I'd be in heaven.
The correctness of solely something to become apart of.
The importance that signifies how great this is.
The human tongue is an amazing thing.
Enjoying the spring water that flows directly from the well of your heart
Kewayne Wadley May 2017
A cloud floats by.
She smiles a rainbow.
Tearing the wrap off a red paper bag.
She closes her eyes.
Tight as they'll squeeze.
Tasting her fantasy from hand to mouth.
Who knew a rainbow could taste so good.
The flavor of each color melting in her mouth.
She's in love.
Standing on top the rainbow.
Swishing around a kaleidoscope of flavor.
She's lost in the taste.
Her mind is at ease.
Until the next time her crush passes with ease.
Penpal Mar 2017
World is given through her womb
Life by her love
She's a shooting star
Fulfilling the dreams of others
Forgetting her ones.

We don't dare to appreciate her
We don't care to her feelings,
Nor her dreams.
She swallows her pride
To serve us might.

Love her, she loves you tonnes
Ignore her, she loves you loads
Ignores our ignorance
And tolerates our flaws
Complaining never

Her cries are often unheard
With tears invisible,
Trauma a smile
Patience at infinity
With words unspoken.

She's a ocean
Vast to explore
Hard to understand
But plain as river
With thoughts deeper.

Her self respect
Often misspelled as ego,
Society mocks her down earth
And she raises like a tree
From a buried seed

Her every move
Is judgemental,
With several eyes poking her
And so she became unpredictable.
Never try to understand, rather love her.

She gives life. She is a mother.
She makes home. She is a wife.
She is a sister, a savior till the ends.
She is precious because she is a daughter
She refuses to retire because she's born a woman.

And do you feel she deserves just a single day!?
Emma Lee Jun 2016
He wasn't strong compared to the Others,
He wasn't beautiful like the models she dreams of at night,
He studered every time he ordered lunch,
He never got his work in on time,
And he was rude,

But what caught her attention was when he ran back into the building,
past the fire fighters that were to scared to go back in.
She notice when he didn't look back.
She noticed the way he was unable stop himself,
She stayed silent slowly following love with his courage.

The truth was that while he ran into the flames he could only think of her face.
When he found the child, her thankful smile reminded him of her.
And when the roof fell in on him it sounded just like his heart did every time she never noticed him.
-3 AM memories of a lonely women
Bbeicha Apr 2015
A shoulder to lean on
Broad arms that could warm up
Thought what the future would bring up
Hope can't go on,
If so restart by signing up
At the reception of mutual affection
On the counter of a firm liaison
Perceived with no complex reason
Don't leave without passing on my administration
No one can't duplicate my savior
Administrator of my very behavior
My behavior toward you, zebra
Cause of whether we interact
Must be blind to skip that fact
Blessed to say I don't lack
No lack of love and caring
Go back and saw your slacking
My mom is the pro Duchess from all the passing.
For all the people that cherish their morhers
She loved,
She loved with all.
Her love was pure,
Pure as white.

She was young.
She was innocent.
Her intentions were sincere,
Sincere as God's.

She made no limits.
She believed hard,
As hard as stone,
Ending up hurting herself.

— The End —