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Jann Flach Jul 2019
This one first moment,
when my eyes met hers.
It felt like a big explosion,
like worlds crashing into each other.

Her eyes as deep as the shiny blue sea,
and her wave was crashing right into me.

Her heart is so kind,
it feels like all those cozy, endless sundowns in summer.
how pleasant that,
I think of her every time the sun goes down again

I see a soulmate in her eyes,
where i once saw a lonely stranger.
Nights with her are like music,
and music makes me think of the dreamy nights with her.

When I see you or I text you,
my heart beats faster,
my stomach feels a little lighter
and my smile shines much brighter.

Well, right now YOU are the person
who makes my life better by just being in it and making me smile everyday.
Even when I sleep, I dream about you and my face begin to smile

- every day and night again.
Marie Apr 2017
I always loved seeing her smile.
Her smile could make cold hearts melt.
Her smile will make you smile back no matter what's your status.
Her smile, oh her beautiful shiny smile.
But that day, I noticed.
Her smile wasn't reaching her eyes.
Her eyes weren't shining anymore.

And that's when I knew that I lost her.
It might be bad but i felt like writing it
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
Her eyes were like a color by number.
Everywhere she stood they'd turn a different shade of brown.
Naturally they shone a different color soon as the sun would find them.
But this color was hard to describe.
Watching the sun paint them with a splash of yellow.
I'd just stand and stare. Often time it was hard to speak after seeing such a thing.
The effect it took on me, often inviting me in to have a drink.
Nestled in a chair to hear a story or two.
How they just seemed to come alive, her eyes.
Inebriated by the conversations we'd have.
She'd put a hand to her brow to block the sun from shining too bright.
I'd forget how sad they were at times, her eyes.
Taken by the stories they tell about her dreams. The excitement that filled them, Talking about the places she'd love to go.
Big and bright. Full of curiosity, her eyes.
If I could let her inside of me and give her the same box of crayons that she's given me.
I wonder if she'd color me in different colors.
Or just the same variation of different colors just as her eyes have colored me.
Mane Omsy Oct 2016
This saint inside can't resist
Your curves still are stunning
My dear, come here, take me
To your paradise with love

Your eyes are like the diamonds
And the glitter on your lips
Stuck on mine, when we kissed
Those eyes shone with passion
My Love ♡
Dead Words Oct 2014
You entered my life and colored the whole world in my eyes, just by one look from you
it was black and white
like living in world without a sun.
Dead Words Oct 2014
Shshhh, don't speak! let me read what insides you by looking at your charming eyes.
they took me to a new whole universe, just you don't have to speak baby i know what you feel.
And i love how i feel by gazing them.
Ofentse Tsie Aug 2014
I tried reaching you, your eyes caught my sight
But you never gave in to the temptation you were facing
My face kept showing in your retina

It felt as if I was your soul mate
You would always look away when I braced you & your friends with my presence

It kind of felt like I was pushing you away as you would look bored, but fortunately, you ended up falling for me

My intentions with you are different from your experiences
I'm not of this world; so my paint brush was heavenly made by the creator of the heavens and earth
Narrative Poetry.

— The End —