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Andrea Lee Bolt Dec 2020
Do the Whales know they are the biggest around
Do they seek out other Whales
Do they look for something bigger
So they can know what it’s like to be small

Does the Ant Queen know the sacrifices being made in her honor
Does the Elephant know it’s at risk
Or does it swim in the gloriousness of it’s bliss

Does the Goat know why it cares about it’s kid

Love always knows what it’s doing when it becomes a kiss
Mic Apr 2016
Whatever fear troubles you
only imagine
it has happened
You will have nothing left
but your Godhood
You will be hurled back
to the center
of the circle
And most of all
you will remember
your priorities
Christian Ek Aug 2015
Ultra Violet magnetic field of high voltage adrenaline showers the streets like speeding sports cars.
It's a rare occurrence of unregulated foreign madness.
I felt my inner chambers open and through them I explored my city in a new fashion.
Pulsating skies and electronica vibes.
Golden halos fall all around and the people, all friendly faces, liberated from their steel rooms.
I can hear the cries in the air.
A step closer, a heart willing to beat louder. A flower courageous enough to grow within the industrial tombs of the living dead. A divine light is what is lighting their way out of miserable decay.
- C.Ek

— The End —