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Vespa Woman Jan 2020
I could sell you the sky with rain from the heavens.
I have lights made from lead and a heart made of Cole
Don't trust a pretty liar who pretends to be whole.
I'm so confused, can someone just shoot me?
Meteo May 2016
What is it the wind whispers on your cheek my finger tips long to hear
What effulgent echoes of sunrise render each tear
What facsimile of midnight your finger tips whisper back
What ancient childhood secrets parade behind each eyelash.

Oh, how my fate lifts by the curve of your hips
How condemned I am hell-bent by the swerve of your lips

Such language infinitely dancing loosely upon your palms
Such remedies recited by your resting tongue
Your mandible sacred where my universe began
Oceans devoured between us by our patience
For Mei
One thing to remember:
I know your name.
I know everything about you.
I know your smoking habits,
drinking habits,
and I was forced to know your sleeping schedule.
You have the ***** to treat me the way you do?
You laugh when I beg for mercy?
Well, when I rise up like a GOD,
you will be the ******* begging for mercy.
Try me.

— The End —