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I could tell how deep into
Hunting season we were
By the amount of camo
Worn by my classmates

You might think that the
Amount of camo would go
Down and you'd be mistaken,
Not in my schooling system

No, these kids wore camo
In rain, in shine, in Spring
And in Fall, to Homecoming
And to their mama's funeral

But don't expect them to show
Up to school when hunting starts,
There are only so many five
Point bucks in Heber Valley

As a Salt Lake City transplant,
Twelve year old me was
Surprised too see so many
Empty chairs come September

Education wasn't their game,
Their game was elk, mose, deer,
Rabbits, turkeys, or bobcats
If your really lucky in lotto

Nintendo was for nerds
Soccer was for girls and
Pokemon was for children,
So I came in with three strikes

They talked about guns like
Their girls did the prom queen,
The prettiest ones always put
On the highest pedestals

Back pockets showing signs of
Chewing tobacco, they keyed
Cars who dared park in the side
Lot reserved by them for trucks

The only things we shared
In common was an addiction
To God's nectar Mountain Dew
And a love for hunting season
Felt like taking
Shots today
Anyone want a drink?
The police have been called
On me five separate times
This year but I just can't help

Myself from peeping,
From taking photos of everything!
Have you looked outside?

I never had, I never did
Not in my first life, I was in too much
Pain to see past my fingers

But the second time around
I take no stretching tree,
No alley cat for granted

And when my mom's neighbor
Saw me lying prostrate in
The dirt by her flowers

Yeah it may have scared her
In this day and age,
But what could I do?

I'd never seen Orange like that!
I had to capture it in my memory
Bank, which is to say, a photograph

In my mind the pictures all fade,
Especially true since shock
Therapy a few years ago

But honestly, the think that gets
People the most is the pacifier,
I'm a plural system

Which is to say I'm a multiple
Or if you are my doctor, then
I have Dissociative Identity Disorder

Is it my fault that the best
Photographer in my system
Happens to be a three year old boy?

That he looks at everything and
Sees it for the first time in awe,
In shock that people don't see it

That magic all around us
If you had the power to go back,
Wouldn't you?
If you could?
Heber Creeper is the magic train
I grew up next to
Hiding in the shade
Of giants

Your Swiss flags
Make me feel almost
At home again

A mix of old blood:
Kohlers, Bonners, Sweats

And new blood retreating
From Salt Lake City lights

The two mix
As well as A+
And B-

No universal

The mix
Boils bad
On blue moons

And short

Bad blood
In these two
Small Towns
For an HBO

I sip the cup
A devil's tea

My favorite
If I Am
Honest today

I have moved
An hour

Back to my
Salt Lake

But I come back
To Midway
Back to my teens


Is it the views?
The people?
The chocolate?

The bad

Or is it the memories
Pulling me in?

Me to

Midway, Utah
Heber City, Utah
I knew that
A flag could
But rainbows
Are pretty?

— The End —