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Millie Jul 2019
Though your galaxies still confuse me
And I yearn to hear stories untold
I long to share your presence
I know I’m your daughter of old
Sarah Lane Jun 2018
You will find me here
Where I've curled up to hide
You will find me here
I'm waiting to be found
You will find me here
And stroke my hair aside
You will find me here
To share my tears with me
You will find me here
Staying until they're dry
You will find me here
Then lift my head again
You will find me here
So suddenly I'll see
You will find me here
It's your presence that I need
forestfaith Jun 2018
I want to love him more then I love life.
I want to be devoted to him.
I want to love him more than anything.
That when I die, I would be with him, in heaven.
That I would hear him say " Well done son, you did your job, you have pleased me and made me proud."
That is what I want to be.
That is what I want in my life.
The Him refers to God actually. And I really want this.
LifeBeauty13 Oct 2016
I am so lonely for your smile
No one can make me laugh like you
Loving your eyes sparkle with laughter
I am so lonely for you

I am lonely for your arms
They are my comfort through my blessings and trials
They are my refuge and my fortress
I am so lonely for you

I am lonely for your faith
You believe in me no matter my sins or failings
Your belief believes I can do all and no army can stop me
My Love,I am so lonely for you
I love you.
innerThought Oct 2015
Do you know the truth?
Any truth, any truth at all?
If yes can you prove that its true?
How many lies have you been told?
How do you know anything if you can't prove it?

You see we are all living a lie this is all a game
A game of rapid change
Both winner and loser are one in the same
like colour with no light we do not
I believe in a beautiful place,
Where suffering does not exist.
This place is light and airy.
No one there ever feels down.
It's a place full of happiness without suffering sorrow.
Everything makes sense when you will go there.
No one is hurt,
Life is of fairness,
Poverty is not such a thing,
Everyone is equal and granted their rights.

Where you are now you can cry.
You'll be upset and have to suffer,
And see others suffer.
You decide which is worse.
The meaning of things aren't always seen.
And when you're here and you're on your knees,
Just picture one thing:
I know there's a place out there,
Where there is no suffering,
No one feels pain,
Everything is fair,
Everyone's happy and there are no worries,
It's beautiful and makes you sure of things.

This place is far from where you are now,
But I know you will get there.
Because where you are now is the earth,
And that place I'm sure you'll go is heaven.
So spend these hard days knowing you'll get there.
Know that you're worth it and so is this trip.
Remember Jesus died for us,
So that we can go to heaven with him.
I promise you will be rewarded for doing good things.

There are many things that I still don't know,
But I know our Heavenly Father loves us.
If you allow it this will comfort you a whole lot.
I know it comforts me.
God pulls me through each day.
Just like a real father;
He will never leave you,
He'll always comfort you,
Always help you,
Always love you.
I may not have a dad like the others,
But I know we all have our Heavenly Father.
I know he didn't put me here alone,
Because besides my family I have him.
He'll watch over me when I cry,
Even when I'm not nice to be seen.
He doesn't care because relentlessly he loves us all,
It doesn't matter how lovable we seem.
I know he'll always be there.
This is my personal view and I have not posted this to disrespect others,  just to write what I've been feeling I need to write a poem about so please don't disrespect my beliefs, as I would never dream of doing that to anyone.

— The End —