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On hills beyond the realm of love did she await her beloved.

Her thoughts were enough a companion
Full of hope of returned affection
Her tears were enough a fuel for the old mother's lamp.

She waited forever and a day
Now she is old as the hills

There, was she sat, under an ornament when lo, and behold from underneath the hill came a tender wind carrying the fragrance of he.

She shook the ornament to adorn the path to her beloved
Her thoughts jumped to the bottom of the hill
With hope and love in her eyes she followed the scent
She sang and danced past nature.

She reached the bottom of the hill to meet her thoughts in tears of surprise
Her forever beloved, had left a dear Jane letter.

She smiled with a frowned heart and laughed with a bleeding heart
She whispered underneath her breath: "This heart can never be broken, for it is not fragile but muscle.
So I am heart-wounded and not heartbroken.
This heart will surely heal, but the scar will remain forever."

For those who were heartbroken.

— The End —