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Nikki Feb 20
I was a menace
out in the dark, out in the rain, out with the black candy canes

I was a taunter
hidden behind my laughter, my wounds, my obscene gestures ... oh no, were they too cruel?

One look is all it took,
to strike a match with your eyes
inflamed memories through burnt fingertips
deceased flashbacks floating down to the bottom of the river
I galavant thru alleyways with gloved hands
purely my gaze should make you shiver

this life form has left me half torn
laying underneath the stars right next to the gutter
more noble gentlemen have risked their romances for your my dear

what would you take me for?
I ride the dead night upon my black horse in circles
among the empty hills and through the startled trees
enveloping and twisting before the moon herself
carefully eying those who've permanently plagued me
beheading several in rows like collapsed flowers on a grave


Don't stay out too long
I'd run if I were you
it's getting a little too late.
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
The horse man comes, and tonight he comes for you
It doesn't matter what you do
He has you in his sights
You won't be seeing daylight

His horse takes long wicked strides
Muscles flex and flow beneath its black wicked hide
Smoke with every breath from it's nose
Legs so fast, off it's hoofs fire flows

He sets upon is blackened steed
For running there is no need
The only thing that is missing is his head
That's why he will take your's instead

A sharpened sword will do the deed
Make you drop right to your knees
As your head goes rolling in the leaves

The horse man comes, and tonight he comes for you
It doesn't matter what you do
Tonight it will all be through

— The End —