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Coleseph Nelzsun Feb 2016
In a condescending tone I hear the way you judge my life
At first I want to take offense and give into the strife

Then I take a step back and objectively observe
I realise your the one who's lost you proved it with your words

You asked me shallow questions only focussed on externals
Then judged me based on made up scales that give no weight to the internal

Its proof to me that this same scale you use on your own life
And soon you will not measure up and fall on your own knife

Because you never can be good enough,  at least not for forever
Your shiny stainless ego will soon rust from stormy weather
I used to let the judgement of others weigh me down with guilt. What a mistake.
Don't take offense to those who judge you. Rather, feel empathy for them. Those who are full of judgement must live with that poison inside of them at all times and in the end, they no doubt will end up inflicting the most venomous of judgements upon themselves.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
What you know about me?
Who do you
think I am?

Realize I'm on a mission-
everything's   part
of the plan.

how I breathe,
all these hurdles
I jump with

Attitude is on that freeze,
if you something
I don't need-
cut you off
with no "please"
Everybody gawkin'
at me.

watch how I do this,
like a 1, 2, 3
You countin' all ya wishes,
you a fake emcee.
Just cause you wishin'
don't mean you
make moves like me.

Cause I had the vision
Gambino give me them swagger feels.

Sorry, not sorry. :)
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
You think
you're okay.
But trust,

That's why
my whole existence
got you all
so hot.

Can't handle the heat,
of just being
an afterthought.
laughing at me
Cause I got
all that
you want.

Your perspective so
you made
You keep
that attitude
Imma always
be the winner.
Go ahead,
make fun of me.
yo hate is just
a silver
lining indeed,
ya words
are just
(revised) but I won't let ya steal my happy again.

— The End —