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Racheal King Mar 4
Why do people say they love me?
When all they want to do is leave.
I start crying and nobody is there,
And sadness is all I receive.

Who is really there for me,
When i'm feeling down?
As I fall deeper into this ocean,
All I do is drown.

My sleepless eyes want to stop,
from weeping so much they burn.
But all I can do is continue to wait,
While my stomach continues to churn.

I'm done........
Why does love have to be so hard?
Emma Nov 2018
I'm sad,
but I feel like I'm not sad enough.

I hate food,
but not enough to stop eating.

I hurt myself,
but not enough for people to notice.

I want to die,
but not enough to seek it.

I want happiness
but i'm too scared to lose my identity.

I'm mad,
but not enough to seek revenge.

I'm a kid,
but not enough to live my life.
I'm venting, you can ignore this
Melili May 2018
Would you cry if I wasn't here anymore?
I always was waiting for you to come
and tell me that you love me.
But I think,
I waited to long for you
and now I am dead inside.
Man, I can't wait anymore my heart is breaking. I don;t thing I can;t take this any longer.
The Unsung Song Mar 2018

From your words,
to your body language,
to your ******* presence.


I live day to day,
dreading talking to you.
I live day to day,
scorning you.

The only reason I tolerate you,
is because I have to.


I live day to day,
dreading waking up.
I live day to day,
shying away from mirrors.

Anomaly Sep 2017
All these tears I've wept,
the secrets I've kept,
the nights I haven't slept.
For myself, I cannot accept.

- self-esteem dreams
madison May 2015
for whatever reason,
i can never be happy.
im always sad,
i always want to end my life.
no one could ever make me feel
the way that you do.
you make me feel like
i can recover from this irony.
you make me feel as if
im not worthless.
you make me feel like im important.
and i cant thank you enough for that.
FallenAngel93 Apr 2015
Once there was a broken girl,
That fell for a sweet girl,
And she became her sun, her light, her everything,
And the flower on earth,
She loved her more then every grain of sand,
Her favorite books,
Lazy Sundays,
Baggy sweaters,
And even more then all the scars on her body,
But nothing last forever,
And she left her,
Like everyone else,
The girl then learned,
You must love yourself first,
Because your happiness,
Can not rely on other people,
Because as quickly as they come,
They go don't let them fool you,
There once was a broken girl,
That fell for a sweet girl,
And she took he sun, her light, her everything..
Reg Mar 2015
Baggy clothes and braces
Socks with printed laces
Along with sweatpants to cover
What was given by your mother
A putrid odor
Burned into skin by a motor
A face rounded at sides
Little girl, splashes in the tides

Shirt over swimsuit
Looking for pirate's loot
Unaware that she looked like a princess
Protruding dress
Her hair a mess
I think that she's beautiful

Though, God forbid they know
She had a face, she'd not dare show
Black and Blue Feb 2015
I hate when people watch me eat.
I wonder what they think.
"God look at that chubby girl with ranch on her salad"
"She'll never loose weight if she eats like that"
"Her cheeks jiggle when she chews"
"How much more can she fit in her mouth"
I wonder if they hate me as much as I hate me,
simply for eating lunch.
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