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Aahi Oct 2020
To the moon and back remember?
I slept on the lap of glimmer
Than ,
All the evil eyes made my be-u-ti-ful
day as a bearer :)
-never mind I'm born fr this reason..
As if wanted day turned into unwanted one..
Anndreana Brooks Jul 2018
My anxiety shows the real me
My Anxiety Shows Me The Real me Ill Never Be Perfect ill never be cute ill always be alone i will always be a nobody See my anxiety shows me the real me
everytime i see my arm i just see my past and you can say thats the real me my anxiety shows me the real me  and ill never understand and ill never ask people dont understand me they quick to judge in see the non righteous me they see the rumors they see the lies but nobody ever ask me for the truth im always being judge base off my branch and not my roots but blame my anxiety it shows me the real me
I'm looking at the number,
But it is too young
And too old.
It's when everything is decided
And I've already messed up.
I'll never be able to forget how bad life is,
Because I won't get the chances to take my mind of it.
I've failed now, that I can't change,
But it effects my grades,
Which will effect my far future grades,
Effecting what job I could get,
So I won't have the money to enjoy life;
To let me forget how ****** up I've become.
Everything is failing now.
Yet still I am supposed to stay and happily watch.
How many times do I have to say "I don't want to be here?"
If it's the number I've started with;
Then I think I should be gone.
16 years, do I have to have even 16 more?
I'm going to fail everything I'm about to try, there is honestly no question about it and it's my fault because I didn't try hard enough like I intended to. But when intensions don't become real they may as well not be there at all.
madison Apr 2015
it is so hard to be myself without you.

you were the only person i had.

you were my best friend.

you were my rock.

you were my world.

and now you're gone.

— The End —