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Amer Pelides May 19
The deep-seated feeling that comes from a challenge,
Cannot be underestimated,
A rush of excitement and a climbing thrill.
It is the fire that burns kindled by competition,
Harness that energy to your advantage,
and you shall conquer the field.
As we all know, a furious drive is key to the game.
Arcassin B Jul 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

I gave my all,
It was in Vein,
Life's turning over.

You died for yours,
I died for mine,
Why do this sober?

My voice is shot,
I can not breathe,
This makes it so worse.

Tell everyone,
I hurt you so,
But they don't know hurt.

I gave my all,
I gave my all,
We had it all.
I gave my all,
I gave my all,
We had it all.


Beautiful is the eyes to the human soul,
How could you be this cute?
How could you be this good?
How could you be a saint?
What made you understood?
Your eyes say it all in this moment for sure,
How could you ever love me?
What made you want to trust me?
What it good for you like it was for me
When you first kissed me?
I thought it was very good.
Martin Narrod Mar 2015
3:8:15 - Kosher pinot noir toasts the snowflakes that the eider brings, just as the Ash bows ache; naked and starving. Hurdling through old bedroom windows, giving those reasons why pennies are wished first into window wells. Smoggy gawkers, locked into an image shaped by organic lines and gestures. The two smoker- cure their hours reconnoitering in skyrise stairwells, discussing recipes for fixing wounded hearts without the peaceful frequencies she speaks into two styrofoam cups with strings pierced through their innards. Much like the story of how two people meet within the timespan of the living.

Even the Moon Men eat space cakes to loosen their chests, from the apathetic laws that began to govern their personalized truths. Not a mug with a name on it bought after an almost very cool free-art reenactment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Love is not a sentence I can choose not to awaken.
It's the difference between having a one night stand rather
than keeping a toothbrush at each other's places.

Even on a Saturday night, we could fasten ourselves
to one another. Even if it's only you and I, who are you to
say it's not a party.
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— The End —