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Michael Stefan Mar 2020
Tiny sliver of wood
placed in accident
beneath fingernail
or under skin
stings greater
in the moment
than gunshot or knife.
For a splinter
always pokes
at our carelessness
and pierces straight
our most useless
*****: pride
Tadpole Sep 2018
The fault is mine but,
The problem is you

Everything you've done
Says I'm unimportant
Everything you've said
Makes me wish we never met

But sure
I'll fake it for you
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
You lie in bed
as you lie
in your head.
Always, filling one another
with dread
and regret.
Let thy divine intervention occur instead.
Let go of all that clouds your head
He sleeps a little too much to the left,
she takes up all the rest
of the space
with no protest.
drips from every scene.
Not meaning to seem mean
he leaves her completely
only in dreams
Everything else is just
the between.
Though she senses something
is not what it seems

can't ever figure out
what it all means.
body language
she never learned to perceive
one might have seen
had they observed
the rehearsed
Now she is versed
at seeming serene
trapped within
the machine,
living unclean.
Many stories within this.
1. Don't settle
2. Question everything
3. Pay attention to the signs
4. We deserve everything we dream of.

— The End —