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Megan Mar 5
Your pool of innocence, gets me
I wish I could say mine remains
I am broken
Hide away the remaining
For they are broken and meaningless
Suffering ends now.
Nika J Feb 2019
Blatant words of lost entirety
Gushing as the heart speaks in truth
Entity mimicked wishes
Becomes curse cue
Thumping evil desires ravishes souls hidden dire needs
A messenger of deciet falls upon lap with broken wings
Lies become truth driven and believeth one shall
As the agony of ticking no longer represents time
But a field of panicked heartbeats dodging what's heaven sent
Prayers fall on deaf tone
Leave a message after the beep
Gone like that joyous scent which held the air before
Past tense? Nothing more
A tocking opposite of happiness
Opposite of pride
Opposite of kindness
Rain trickling
Tickling ones skin with cold compressed shivers of vague comfort
Blankets becoming tight no inhale
Licking at the darkness sweltering inside
Empty eyes travel to one shade above
This is the world one resides
When one no longer believes
In Love
Ever lost the ability to love? Feeling betrayed in ways you cannot give or get back? Feels colorless and empty doesn't it? But comforting in its dull wasteland, you begin to LOVE where love doesn't exist...

— The End —